Custom Excavation

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There’s no shame in asking for help when it comes to excavation. It isn’t an easy thing to do, but lucky for you Denham Construction has the proper tools and skilled crew to get it done. Save your time and your back by contacting us today!

Concrete Preparation

Whether you are wanting some old concrete ripped up or getting ready to pour, Denham Construction are the ones to call. Our excavation services can help you get ready for any concrete project you may have. Ripping up old driveways to get you primed and ready for a new driveway is what we do. Check out the prep work done for this new driveway.

Digging up Some Dirt

The Denham Construction team is no stranger to digging in the dirt and they are ready to help you with your excavation needs. Whether you are prepping for landscapers or setting up a garden, we got your back! Are you upgrading that inground pool in your backyard? No worries, our excavation services can relieve some stress by tearing out the old and preparing for the new. Speaking of new, maybe you are finally getting that ‘man-shed’ or ‘she-shed’ that you always wanted, let us assist with our custom excavation services.

Upgrade Your Entrance

Let us help you bring the curb appeal you want to the entrance of your home or commercial space. Denham Construction can aid in the process of enhancing your property in a few different ways. Alleviate the headache of prep work by calling us if you are planning on installing gates or pillars. Maybe you want to introduce a trendy water feature, we can help with that too. Bring your entrance to the next level by using Denham Construction for all your excavation needs.

Armour Stone Retaining Walls

Although retaining walls can be aesthetically pleasing in some landscapes, they can actually create a barrier to prevent downhill soil erosion. Retaining walls also helps to prevent flooding and from other elements that could potentially damage your landscape. As mentioned before they can add to the appearance of your landscape, but at the same time they can decrease the amount of maintenance required for homeowners that deal with soil erosion. Contact us to book our excavation services and get started on that retaining wall.

Let's Get Digging

Denham Construction would love to help you with your excavation needs. Whether you are ripping up the old or getting ready for the new. Contact us to get started!
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